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Your success hinges not only on clear, effective client and project expectation management, but also on fully unleashing your potential. PaintFlow helps simplify the process, putting everything you need, all of the time, right in the palm of your hand.

Level up your company’s professional appearance and processes with one tool. Win more projects, make more money, with less stress - for free.

Keep track of your business

Keep track of your business with real time updates, project tracking, strategic workflows, and have all your online payments recorded automatically all in one place.

Easily keep up with your clients

Capturing your clients information and storing it digitally simply takes out the headache of searching for clipboards, jotting info on napkins and perpetuating being disorganized.

Store information for your projects

While you're onsite, select what surfaces will be included for the painting estimate, upload photos of the space and add details to help communicate your plan.

Email and text proposals

After creating a comprehensive proposal that includes all the necessary details about the project, copy and paste the link to either email or text message and send away.

Receive online payments

Our tool is a secure gateway and streamlined way for your customers to enjoy a seamless online experience, all you have to do is be a PaintFlow user and start receiving money at anytime while you are anywhere.

Track and charge change orders

Easily take active projects and keep adding to them with our easy change order process. Add details, costing and photos to ensure your customer is approving the changes that you are talking about. No more calculators! The cost is added to your project automatically.

Keep your team in the know

Seamlessly forward real time information to the work orders when changes occur.

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