Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost for using the PaintFlow app? Is there a subscription fee?

Unlike other painting proposal software on the market...We don't get paid unless you are getting paid. The PaintFlow app is totally free to use for you because when a Client decides to accept and pay for a Project you've proposed, there's a service fee that gets added to the Project's total cost. This fee is 10% of the Project's price and covers credit card interchange/ACH online payment processing & the overhead for the software licensing. When you send a proposal to a client, the total amount presented automatically has the service fees included which offers a seamless experience for them, a clear way for you to win more projects, and funding to continue to develop the technology and offer more features.

Are there any tutorials available to learn how to use the app features?

Yes, tutorial videos on how to use PaintFlow are available in the Help & Support section of our website and on our official YouTube channel.

What should I do if I encounter a bug or glitch in the app?

We perform extensive testing in the app before new features roll out, so you should rarely if ever run into an issue. However, if you do, please report it to our Support team by sending an email to

Is customer support available if I need help with the app?

Yes, if you need help you can find answers in the Help & Support section of our website, or you can contact our Support team by sending an email to

How can I give feedback or suggest new features for the app?

We love hearing from users on ways we can improve and expand the functionality of the PaintFlow app to better meet your needs. Please share your ideas with us by sending an email to

Can I manage multiple painting projects at once with this app?

You can manage all of your painting Projects in PaintFlow. There is no restriction on how many Projects you can create or run at one time. With PaintFlow, there's no limit on your success.

Is there a feature to schedule painting jobs and appointments?

When you create a Project, you can specify the month in which the work will begin and the approximate number of work days needed for the job. This ensures clarity of the timeframe, while also setting you up from the beginning where you are able to keep your word if dates shift (as they commonly do)

Does the app provide options for creating and sending invoices?

With PaintFlow, there is no need for sending invoices to your Clients and chasing down checks. They can pay for your services directly from the Proposal page. Payments are processed securely and safely by Stripe.

Can Clients make payments through the app?

Yes, your Clients can securely make payment for Projects right from the Proposal that you send them. No need for sending invoices, just direct them to pay using the convenient links provided. Payment is securely processed via Stripe, and funds will be deposited into your bank account after the client submits payment.

Can I access the app from different devices, like a tablet or computer?

Currently, PaintFlow is available on mobile devices that run Android or iOS. It is optimized for use on a smartphone, but can also be installed on tablets. We know you are on the go, and leveraging quick work tasks from your phone easily throughout the day can create a work flow that lets you have free time in the evenings.

Is there an offline mode for the app in case I am in an area without internet?

PaintFlow requires a network connection to operate. You have to be connected to the mobile network or to a wireless network in order to use the app.

How does the app help me keep track of different paint colors and materials for each project?

When you set up a Item for your Project, you can document the products you're using for primer, walls, ceilings, doors, and trim. You can list each product by Brand, Product, Sheen, color and the number of colors you will work with. There is a Notes field where you can list out the specific colors by name and/or code and add specific details easily.

What happens if I lose my phone or get a new one? Can I recover my data?

Your data is safe on our cloud servers. Lose your phone or get a new one? Just re-download the PaintFlow app and log in. Your Clients, Projects, and more will automatically appear on your new device.