The Role of Technology in Creating a Positive Customer Experience for Your Residential Painting Business

The Role of Technology in Creating a Positive Customer Experience for Your Residential Painting Business

Having a strong online presence is like having the best paintbrush in your toolkit. It's essential for the success of your residential painting business. According to one survey source shared by Invoca, 64% of consumers research online before choosing a painter. Another survey documented that 60% of consumers prefer to book an appointment online or through an app

By having a website, using social media, and other online marketing methods, your business can showcase your services, offer scheduling, feature your handiwork, share client recommendations or referrals and connect with both current and potential customers.

However, don't limit yourself to leveraging technology only for marketing purposes. Consider adopting project management tools that support process improvement while creating a better user experience for your clients. Thanks to the "Amazon Effect", the behavioral expectations of customers has shifted. They now expect the same smoothness, timely response, and convenience they've come to enjoy with online shopping for services (like residential painting) that generally cannot be offered online.

Use of technology in a business was once considered a luxury but now it's considered the norm. Failure to embrace technology in your day-to-day business activities could paint you into a corner and allow the competition to leave you behind.

Merging Technology & the Customer Experience

Incorporating software to manage your business operations can save you time and headaches. Plus, customers will see you as a pro, who's got everything under control. PaintFlow is a mobile app that is designed specifically for residential painters to help manage multiple projects more efficiently. It's uniquely designed with easy-to-use digital forms that can be customized to create and send proposals, handle change orders, and generate work orders with just a few taps on your phone's screen. However, it is also hosts all your client's contact information and allows you and the client to message  directly through the application.

Why use an app instead of email or text? When attempting to communicate through the traditional channels, you're competing for your client's attention and "hoping" they see the message. One recent survey showed that nearly-half (44%) of consumers say that in-app messaging is their most trusted channel for communication. This is due to apps offering a higher level of security than cellular services, they're easy to use and highly convenient.

The ability to communicate directly with your client (and vice-versa) to address any issues and changes is much more streamlined. In addition, keeping your contact apprised of their project's progress and the ability to pay for services online, undoubtedly offers a more personalized and improved experience with your company. A study by Microsoft found that businesses that offer messaging have a 33% higher customer satisfaction rate than businesses that do not. These stats confirm that the ability to message client's directly through an app such as PaintFlow, can have a positive impact on your business.

Want to the know the best part of embracing PaintFlow in your day-to-day business activities?  There is no upfront cost to you to download the app onto your Android or iPhone and you can begin using it today!  

What are you waiting for? Download it Now!

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